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October Recommendation - I, Mummy
Another recommendation! Honestly if you even slightly enjoy Folklore then a story about a mummy's steampunk adventures should be right in your wheelhouse.

I, Mummy

An impulsive teenagger turned mummy investigates her own murder with the assistance of a cantankerous ghost. Our story occurs in a futre based on predictions from the late 1800s -- a future where everyone can fly and there's no such thing as wi-fi.

October Webcomic Recommendations!
Hey everyone!

We expect that Folklore will be back to regular updates by the end of October, but while we're waiting perhaps you've got the time for a few fun recommendations? Each October SpiderForest takes the time to promote its new members (including us!). Comics are split into themes to make them a little easier to categorize, so if you enjoy the work we do we highly recommend checking out our suggestions throughout the month!

This week's theme is...

Hidden Magical Worlds!

Heart of Keol

Description: Ethan is a young man with a broken family. After an encounter with a mysterious child, he wakes up in a strange world that looks a lot like ancient Korea—except with magic. Even with all this frenzy happening around him, he can't seem to shake off his family baggage...

Tistow: Small Trolls

Description: Jahko and Veeti live out daily adventures in the nearby woods, helping fairies build houses, outwitting monsters, gathering seeds with trolls and helping wisps grow saplings. Under the guidance from Jahko's grandmother and the woodland spirits, the boys will learn the ways of the shaman and to respect nature.

Children of Eldair

Description: Koe finds a young woman held by demons, kidnapped from Earth and brought to his world by fairies. Can he help Embera get back home, and will his own world survive the journey?

Hello, SpiderForest!
If you're a regular around here you may have noticed we suddenly gained a little banner at the top. That's because we're now part of the SpiderForest family!

SpiderForest is a webcomic collective of like-minded webcomic creators! For us, it means a bigger audience. For you, it means a broad spectrum of new comics we think are pretty awesome.

If you're just checking us out from wandering SpiderForest's web, welcome! The heart of our story is just getting into swing, and we're so glad you could join us at this really exciting turning point. Big things are coming, and we're so pumped to be able to share it with this brilliantly creative network.


A short break...
I thought this post was pretty important, so I decided to leave it here on the Home page where it can stand tall!

When I first started writing Folklore I know exactly the kind of story I wanted to tell. One where normal people would try to cope with the horror of living in a world without heroes, and where heroes had to face the consequences of their reckless heroism.

Colin and I started planning this world of monsters where ambiguous science creates a nightmare...then we hit a problem. How do we get a reader to care about a world that's already thrown into total chaos? You need to see it fall. You need to see people cope with that kind of societal collapse.

So we took a step back from the story we really, truly wanted to bite into, and created Folklore's first three issues. We've called it a lot of things during its creation. Prologue comes up the most. Officially we've shared three chapters of this story, but behind the scenes we've always considered this to be just beginning.

The introduction is behind us now. Folklore will be on a short break while we work on completing Issue 4, but we'll try and fill the coming weeks with a bit of art to keep you all amused.

Starting with Issue 4, the real story begins. Thanks for being a part of this journey!


Folklore Vol 1 Pre-Order!
Woah there! A new news post!?

Colin and I spend so much time worrying about what to post on Patreon and our mirror sites that we often forget about our tiny little news space here. But not today!

Today we're proud to announce the start of pre-orders for Vol 1 of Folklore -- which includes Issues 1-3 in full, condensed in a neat little print package.

It was always our goal to offer collections of Folklore with the closure of every story arc, and we're so proud and excited to reach this enormous milestone in our work.

If you've enjoyed reading Folklore as much as we've enjoyed creating it, maybe you'll want a small piece to own as well. This pre-order will be on till August 8, and you can reach it via the link below or our super handy pre-order button.

Thank you all for your support!


Welcome Friends, New and Old
A website has been a long time coming for Folklore. Not because we've been unhappy with our current webcomic platforms (Tapastic and Webtoons are awesome) but because it marks a turning point in our production of Folklore.

For a long time we imagined that Folklore would be a story we released in pieces. Complete a few issues, create a collection, then send it out into the wild to be judged. Never during our initial production did we even say the word 'webcomic'. It just never really dawned on us that maybe we could fit into this creative space.

After the completion of Issue 1 we launched our Patreon and were floored by the amount of support we received from friends, family, and total strangers. Knowing you're creating something special is a little different than seeing that same enthusiasm echo in others.

If you've been following us on Tapas and Webtoons, thank you for your support from the bottom of our hearts. We'll still be updating on those platforms regularly, so you'll still be able to find Folklore on your preferred webcomic network!

For those new here we hope you enjoy every page of our work. We love to hear your thoughts, your feedback, and your criticism, so never hesitate to share what's on your mind. If there's something we can do better, we want to do it.