Featured Comic: The Moonstone Diadem
Posted August 26, 2020 at 12:13 am

The comics we've tried to steer you towards are comics we largely trust and personally love, and the Moonstone Diadem is absolutely no exception. We've had the unique pleasure of being able to enjoy a lot of these crowdfunded comics before we send them your way, but I consider myself especially lucky that I had the chance to watch the Moonstone Diadem grow and develop over time.

This is such a wonderful story. It's so wonderful, I'm not going to waste my words trying to describe that. I'll let it's creator, Angela O'Hara, do that instead:

"The Moonstone Diadem is an original fantasy comic with a fairy tale feel, that features a romance between two princesses. It tells the story of Princess Georgina, who discovers that the Moonstone Diadem—the crown jewels of her kingdom—were stolen from the hidden realm of the elves hundreds of years ago.  Together with the elven princess Seren, Georgina resolves to right the wrongs of the past—and the Moonstone Diadem might be the key..."

If you're reading Folklore you're probably not here for a lighthearted love story, but trust me when I say that we can all use a little bit of that in our lives from time to time. 

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Next week? A short story, set in Brookville...