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Posted June 3, 2020 at 12:16 am

Elijah's true colors are actually very purplish, and laced with betrayal. 

We understand that many come to read comics as a source of of escape, but there are some truths that are inescapable when you live under oppression. Right now protesters all over America are fighting for a better future -- but even if you're unable to attend a protest, you can still help.

We'll be doing our part to make a donation using the support we normally receive for Folklore this month. Every little bit helps, and there are many organizations that could use the support. Here are a few you can choose from, and a link to a resource containing dozens more sorted by type and the region that they work from. 

Black Visions Collective 

Reclaim The Block

North Star Health Collective

More ways you can help, via the following resource:

We hope in the future our readers can move past this page knowing the world has taken the right steps to reaching a brighter future. Black lives matter.

-Adam Ma & Colin Tan Wei