Featured Comic: Crown & Anchor
Posted July 20, 2021 at 10:04 pm

This week we shift away from sci-fi and horror and take a look over our next most favorite genre: Fantasy!

We've been comic-friends with Alaire and Toben Racicot for some time now, so it's almost a criminal shame that we haven't shared their work with you before. Thankfully we are remedying that mistake today. The plot? Here's how they'd tell it:

"After accidentally acquiring an ancient relic dating back to the creation of the world, political and spiritual forces pressure seven pirates to quickly restore & reshape Aventus before it returns to ruin.

BOOK ONE follows the first half of our crew as they collect various bounties - including that of a clandestine Pirate Lord. When he offers them a counter bounty for an ancient relic, the crew is skeptical, but agrees to the job and reward. Now, as they uncover more information about the supposed "Divine Token”, things start to become more complicated… and deadly."

That's way better than how we'd put it. If anything I was going to try and pitch this to our readers who just like crowns or anchors - but I'm confident that a few of you enjoy high seas adventures as well.

Click here to read Crown & Anchor!

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