Featured Comic: Encephalon
Posted July 14, 2021 at 12:55 pm

It's time to show off some webcomics, and what better way to start than by looking to our horror-adjacent friend over at Encephalon.

While Folklore most definitely takes a step inside of Science Fiction, it's missing a lot of the bells and whistles of hard sci-fi horror. Encephalon scratches that itch, while also tossing in a heavy dose of flesh-eating-monster-in-space. Jade (Encephalon's awesome creator) can probably explain the plot better:

"Six years ago, Keir Colden escaped Malkovro Station. No one was ever supposed to go back. Now working as an undercity mechanic, Colden has managed to regain some semblance of a normal life, and wants nothing more than to forget about Malkovro and be left alone.

His fragile world is shattered, however, when a representative from a powerful corporation turns up in his shop with a dire offer: return to Malkovro to rescue a missing research team... or your family dies.

With no choice but to comply, Colden must attempt to protect himself and the members of the rescue party while locating the missing researchers in the labyrinthine station. But he knows their chances are slim, because Malkovro isn't empty. And what Colden escaped from is still hungry.”

If you're hungry for more, the good news is there's a ton of Encephalon just waiting to be read! Go check it out, and please give Jade a follow on Twitter! Tell her we said hi, or that you think she's cool. I bet she'd appreciate that!

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