Featured Comic: Starcide
Posted July 21, 2020 at 12:50 am

This week, we're looking at one of our personal favorite comics: Starside!

If you follow Colin or my personal accounts on Twitter (which you totally should) then you'd know we're a big fan of Starside. Right now their Kickstarter is running, and their goal is fully funded! Huge congrats! That just means there are a lot of other people who already know Starside is great.

So what's the comic about? Stars and stuff I guess. We'll let them tell you so they can't blame us for getting it wrong:

"When an extraterrestrial fleet rips 16-year-old Jack away from his ordinary life on Earth, he is taken deep into the universe where he discovers interplanetary slavers, a crusading army, and the origins of Humanity. Starside is a sci-fi/fantasy comic series about what people can do when they work together in the face of adversity."

Issues 1-3 are available now on Kickstarter via:

Go check out the project, follow em on their Twitter, and help spread the word!