Featured Comic: Tiny RPG Universe
Posted October 7, 2020 at 12:31 am

It's another featured comic! We hit you all with some magical girls earlier in our break, but we never really got into anything too cute. Thankfully we have another recommendation here to fix that. So what's it all about? We're stealing the description right from them them and delivering it here to you, nice and fresh:

"A small sorcerer can feel lost and alone in the magic and chaos of Tiny RPG Universe. What big secrets await Altair as she ventures off into this world riddled with mystery? Will she find the answers to becoming the powerful sorcerer she has always dreamed of?"

Go along with Altair as she finds her place in a mystical world of magic and chaos! It's absolutely adorable, so be sure to also check out her merch which includes the cutest plushies, original drawings, and washi tape!

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