Issue 7 Progress Report!
Posted September 29, 2020 at 11:23 pm

Hey everyone!

Colin and I missed last week as we debated how we wanted to handle updates going forward. It's been a lot of fun promoting our friends and peers in the indie comic world, but going forward we'll probably have all our updates focused on Folklore. Probably. Mostly.

Our goal for now is to switch updates to being bi-weekly, with a status update to show how far we're coming along as we get past the inking phase and move into colors. We may break this rule every now and then if we have more to share, but don't be too surprised if we miss a Wednesday update. For now, enjoy some panels from Issue 7!

We debated showing our behind-the-scenes process more often here -- but truth be told we like to hold off on any major spoilers. Both Colin and I tend to be a little tight lipped when it comes to showing off panels for preview, but the one exception to that rule is Patreon where we tend to show off our work a little more.

If you'd like, feel free to follow us on Patreon where most of our updates are free for the public! Only a few things get hidden exclusively for our patrons, so please don't feel obligated to become a patron if you just want to see what we're up to.

You can also see what Colin and I are up to on Twitter, which to be honest is mostly just memes and D&D and illustrations of watches as we continue to drown further in the building stress and anxiety that is 2020. But, maybe you're into all that!

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Thanks for sticking with us throughout this downtime. We know it sucks to not have any story to tune into, but we made a promise long ago to never compromise Folklore's quality just to churn out faster work. Great things take time, and we'll be working hard to get you the next chapter of Folklore as soon as possible.

-Adam (& Colin)