Guest Art Spotlight: RenderNev
Posted September 22, 2021 at 1:40 pm

When we put out the call for filler art, we're normally looking to advertise other comics - but sometimes we get fans who also just want to share their work. It's always incredible to me. As Folklore's writer, I know the story we're trying to tell is great. It feels good to work with Colin on a narrative we both believe in - but imposter syndrome can be equally real sometimes. Even when I look back at Folklore with pride, I can see the parts that I've contributed to this world that I wish were better. As if I have failed, in some way.

When Render approached me asking to contribute fanart for our filler, they immediately followed up with concerns that their art wasn't good enough. As a disclaimer, Render and I have been friends for years. What I told them was advice that I would give to anyone who creates art: No art is bad. There are different styles, different methods, and we all have different limits we'd like to overcome. 

Render's contribution comes from a moment in our short story, Hospice. It was free to read for a time, but if you haven't read it yet, I'd recommend picking up a copy of our short story collection. It's a story about aging, resilience, being alone, and finding hope.

I love this piece. It's one of the most touching submissions we've been given from a fan / friend, and I was excited to be able to share her work. If you aren't already, you should totally go follow her on Twitter by clicking any one of these words you're reading right this second.

Last week Colin and I promised a brief update on Issue 8's progress, and while we can say that we're very happy with the story our overall production on Issue 8 has come to a halt for the time being. 

We've discussed this before on our Patreon, but to make sure things are clear here we've decided to take a brief mental health break from Folklore for this month. Working full time while keeping a production schedule for Folklore is exhausting, and with the brunt of the design work falling on Colin's shoulders we try to be aware of how much he needs to do. Given that we've maintained this creative pace since the start of the pandemic, it's felt like now's a good time for a breather.

September has been a nice break for us, but we'll be revisiting our production goals at the start of October. Assuming we're feeling alright, this means Issue 8 should be finished before the end of 2021 - but if anything changes we'll be sure to let you all know! 

Thank you so much for your support. Whether it's coming here to enjoy Folklore, or checking out some of the artists and comics we've featured during our filler, we hope you always look forward to seeing an update from us. 

We'll be back with updates in early October! Till then, be safe and take care of yourself!