Page: 7.17
Posted July 7, 2021 at 10:46 am

And so, the hunt begins!

Issue 7 draws to a close and we hope you've enjoyed getting to meet some new, more human, antagonists. If you follow us on social media you know that Issue 8 is currently in development, and has actually reached the early stages of color! Mad props to Colin for keeping to a really difficult schedule with his full time job.

So, we're a webcomic and that means it's time for filler! If it's your first time reaching this point with us, you should know that filler season at Folklore a little different. Instead of just showing off character art, we like to put a focus on other comics we think you'll have a fun time reading. Some of these creators are friends of ours, and some are complete strangers who approached us wanting to expand their audience. Everything we curate we think is worth reading - even if the genre doesn't entirely match the kind of stories we tell her.

We also have a brand new short story for you to read! After a few weeks of promoting other comics we're going to try and loop back into some world building with a new short story: The Tragedy of South Clemson.

Thank you all for joining us on this ride! We really hope you enjoy some of the comic suggestions to come. If you don't? Tell us! With Colin and I both working full time jobs it's inevitable that Folklore needs to go on break, but we want this time to be one of celebration while we collectively look at just how great webcomics are.